WILFRED R. BION, clinical psychoanalyst who freely dialogued with the areas of Philosophy, Mathematics, Quantic Physics, Literature and Human Sciences, gave rise to an original style of transmission of his thinking, enormously reverberating in the evolution of clinical and therapeutic tools used by the contemporary analysts.

BION INTERNATIONAL MEETING 2018 aims at promoting free dialogues among analysts from several parts of the world on the complexities inherent to Bion’s work, disclosing and enlarging the legacy which was left to us by this extraordinary scholar. The chosen topic for this event’s edition is WILD THOUGHTS.

The Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of Ribeirão Preto [Sociedade Brasileira de Psicanálise de Ribeirão Preto], (SBPRP), located in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and linked to the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) since 1993, was chosen to hold the current meeting for being internationally acknowledged as an institution where Bion’s work has been warmly sheltered and expanded.

Paulo M. M. Ribeiro,
President of the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of Ribeirão Preto


In November 1979, the outstanding British Psychoanalyst Wilfred Ruprecht Bion died leaving original and stirring developments in Contemporary Psychoanalysis as his legacy, including the construction of an almost philosophical system about thinking, among many others. His legacy to the psychoanalytic community also includes an unprecedented disquiet, resulting from the particular way that Bion, during his active years, expanded the transmission of knowledge in an original fashion through a lively experience in the interaction with psychoanalysts. Bion was a true master.

We, Brazilian psychoanalysts, feel honored and grateful for having shared with Bion these pioneering experiences here in Brazil. We had the chance of receiving encompassing lessons in psychoanalytical teaching, analyses, and in the translation of his texts. Brazil was also a pioneer in the translation of some of Bion’s seminal works, including A Memoir of the Future, until then regarded as an indecipherable and non-psychoanalytic work.

It was in 1993, however, that the disquiet experienced by the psychoanalytical community materialized, resulting in the first international meeting on discuss Bion’s ideas, in Amsterdam. Other meetings followed in such diverse countries as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, the United States, France, Morocco, and the last one in Italy, in 2016.

Dr. José Américo Junqueira de Mattos, who had the unique experience of being analyzed by Bion, has been present disseminating and propagating Bion’s legacy. It was Dr. Junqueira who sowed Bion’s ideas with dedication and faith among us, ideas that, now fructified, make it possible for the Ribeirão Preto Psychoanalytical Society to have the honor of hosting such an important event as the Congress Bion2018.

Renowned by its seriousness and scientific consistency, the Congress is a meeting with an inclusive policy that fosters broad participation, regardless of political aspects. Group work is privileged with the purpose of maintaining the universality, openness, and absence of sectarianism characteristic to Bion’s work. Thus, room is made for less linear dimensions, in small groups, supporting the perspective of deepening and expansion of ideas. Impacting, disconcerting, but fundamentally transforming.

Mércia Maranhão Fagundes,
General coordinator of the Bion 2018 congress