Registration, values and deadline for International Conference Bion 2018 - Wild Thoughts will be available on our website after October of 2017.

Registration fees BION2018
Category From 10/01/2017
to 12/19/2017
From 12/20/2017
to 03/15/2018
From 03/16/2018
to 06/14/2018
From 06/15/2018
University Students (only Graduation) R$ 400,00/
USD 100.00
R$ 440,00/
USD 110.00
R$ 484,00/
USD 121.00
R$ 530,00/
USD 132.50
Candidates R$ 600,00/
USD 150.00
R$ 660,00/
USD 165.00
R$ 726,00/
USD 181.50
R$ 800,00/
USD 200.00
Members FEPAL / IPA R$ 850,00/
USD 212.50
R$ 935,00/
USD 233.75
R$ 1.028,00/
USD 257.00
R$ 1.130,00/
USD 282.50
Professionals – non-members R$ 900,00/
USD 225.00
R$ 990,00/
USD 247.50
R$ 1.089,00/
USD 272.25
R$ 1.200,00/
USD 300.00

Refund Policies - Cancellations
Informing up to the day Refund of the paid amount
06/11/2018 50%
07/11/2018 30%

  • Registration cancelling must be informed exclusively by the e-mail, informing the full name of the registered person, CPF [Individual Taxpayers’ Registry] and banking data for the refund deposit.
  • The refund will be deposited up to 30 days after the event’s end, in the bank account informed in the cancellation message.
  • Registrations cancelled after 07/11/2017 will not be entitled to refund.

Accommodations at Hotel JP. Limited numbers of rooms. Reservations by the link:

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