Organizing a scientific meeting with quality for the ones who study W. R. Bion’s thinking, a meeting that reverberates in all the participants’ minds, with the quality and strength that the author himself managed to seed, is the desire that gets together the members of the SBPRP who are engaged in the different organizing committees of Bion International 2018. Our committee, Organization of Pre-conferences Bion International 2018 [Organização dos Pré-congressos Bion Internacional 2018], aware of the fact that the success of this event depends on the support from our partners, has been encouraging the preparation of activities in this direction in our country’s several Brazilian Societies of Psychoanalysis.

Bion Pre-Congress 2017 - “A shared memoir of the future”

Scientific Schedule



Annie Reiner, Training Analyst and Member at The Psychoanalytic Center of California – USA

Paulo Cesar Sandler, Member at SBPSP – Brazil

Leandro Stitzman, Member at The Psychoanalytic Association of Colombia – Argentina

Friday, September 29 – 2017

1 PM –  Secretary’s opening – registration and credential delivery.

2 PM – Event’s opening with Scientific Director of SBPRP.

2:30 PM – Annie Reiner’s conference: "Meeting Bion's Challenge: Daring to Imagine"

Coordination: Mércia Maranhão Fagundes (SBPRP)

4 PM – Coffee break.

4:30 PM – Paulo Cesar Sandler’s conference: "Here and Now: Bion's A Memoir of the Future"

Coordination: Silvana Maria Bonini Vassimon (SBPRP)

6 PM – End of afternoon activities.

7 PM – The Infinite – Round table with the lecturers.

Coordination: José Cesário Francisco Jr. (SBPRP)

8:30 PM – Open discussion with the audience.

Saturday, September 30 – 2017

9 AM – What does a psychoanalyst do? – Open conversation (round table) with the three lecturers.

Coordination: Maria Bernadete Amêndola Contart de Assis (SBPRP)

11 AM – Coffee break.

11:30 AM – Discussion with the audience.

1 PM – Lunch.

3 PM – Leandro Stitzman’s conference: "Framework: points, matrices, vibrance"

Coordination: Thaís Helena Thomé Marques (SBPRP)

5 PM – Coffee break.

5:30 PM – Written themes suggested by the audience and deposited in a box along the entire meeting will be discussed by the lecturers in an open modality and with free participation of the audience.

Coordination: Ana Rita Nuti Pontes (SBPRP)

8 PM – End of the activities.

Sunday, October 1 – 2017

9 AM – Presentation of clinical material by a psychoanalyst.

9:30 AM – Round table with the lecturers sharing their ideas about the same material.

Coordination: Paulo de Moraes Mendonça Ribeiro (SBPRP)

11:15 AM – Coffee break.

11:30 AM – Questions from the audience.

1 PM – Closing of the event.

Organization: SPBRP Scientific Commission

 Ana Cláudia Gonçalves Ribeiro de Almeida

Cláudia Fernanda Bianchi

Luciano Bonfante

Luiz Celso Castro de Toledo

Maira Cecília Avi

Mario Luiz Prudente Correa

Regina Cláudia Mingorance de Lima

Thaís Helena Thomé Marques – Diretora Científica

Bion Pre-Congress
Stream Palace Hotel

Street General Osório, 850. Setor Central.
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. Brasil.

Located in the city center, Stream Palace Hotel is going to be the main location where the Pre-Congress activities will take place. A strategic point for the ones who visit Ribeirão Preto, it makes easy access possible to important historical and touristic attractions, such as Teatro Pedro II [Pedro II Theater] and Choperia Pinguim [Pinguim Beer Hall], as well as to the main avenues. It counts on a large Convention Center, equipped with excellent substructure for the congress participants. It is worth pointing out the hotel’s high quality gastronomy, with its restaurant’s acknowledged cuisine.

Tarifas Black Stream
Tarifas Stream Palace

Bion 2018 in the XXVI Brazilian Psychoanalysis Conference LIFE AND DEATH - Fortaleza, from November 1st to 4th, 2017

By means of the support of colleagues Ney Marinho, Daniel Delouya, Petrônio Sá Magalhães and of all the other members of the Brazilian Conference organizing committee, a panel will be held on the Wild Thought theme.

Adalberto Antônio Goulart, with the collaboration of the members of the NPA, scheduled for November 24 and 25 of that year a Pre-Congress preparatory for the Bion 2018.

Curitiba’s Psychoanalytic Group -

As a warm-up to the Bion2018 International Meeting, on November 25, the Psychoanalytic Group of Curitiba (GPC) will promote a journey with the theme "Wild Thoughts", attended by Cecil Rezze (SBPSP), João Carlos Braga (GPC) and Paulo de Moraes Ribeiro (SBPRP).

The colleague Dr. Giorgio Corrente is pleased to inform that a day of study titled "Wild thoughts and obsessive thoughts" will be held in Catania, Italy, on December 2, 2017. The day was designed as a Pre-Congress for the Bion2018.

The colleague Carla Barbosa informs that the Nucleus of Goiânia will hold a Pre-Congress on April 13 and 14, 2018.