As we know, BION created an original style of thought transmission, which, in return, had a huge impact in the evolution of clinic and theoric tools employed by contemporary analysts.
This edition of the Meeting aims to make analysts from different parts of the world dialogue freely with each other about the complexities inherent to Bion’s work, enlarging the legacy that has been left for us by this extraordinary thinker.
With this objective, we idealized a Congress in which we prioritize a horizontal dialogue between the people, as it occurs in the analytic setting. Although it has different functions in action, the analytic setting portrays two people equally interested in searching the unknown. Therefore, in the structure of this edition of the Meeting, the functions of all of the colleagues will be equalized. We will not have any magna conferences, give emphasis in the theoretical exposure of scientific papers, or distribute awards of any kind. We will all be invited to form democratic “work groups”, in which, spontaneously, scientific leaderships will emerge, whose functions will be to stimulate and circulate the clinic-scientific thought inspired by Bion.

We hope that this, therefore, may open new times and new spaces to dimensions less linear, sustaining the perspective of further development and expansion of shocking and disconcerting ideas, but fundamentally transforming, just like Bion’s way.

General Schedule:

26th of July 2018 (Thursday):
• 14h30 - 18h00: Secretariat – Distribution of the credentials.

• 16h00 - 18h00: Beginning of scientific activities
Plenary Reunion: “THINKING WILD THOUGHTS” - activity with all congress participants, in which we will present a brief statement, recorded in video (1.5 min), of various guests, speaking in their mother tongue and articulating freely thoughts about WILD THOUGHT. After the video’s presentation, we will open a free dialogue between eminent colleagues and the auditorium’s public.

• 18h30: Oficial Opening
Cultural performance and tribute to Dr. José Américo Junqueira de Mattos, Training Analyst of SBPRP, who was one of the only two Brazilians who had the honour to be personally analysed by Dr. Bion and was also one of the main analysts responsible for the diffusion of Bion’s ideas in our region and in Brazil.

Following, a Welcoming Cocktail to all the participants.

27th and 28th of July 2018 (Friday and Saturday):
The schedule will be the same in both of these days, but the themes, the debaters and the stimulus presented in each table will vary.

• 08h00 - 9h30: WORKSHOP
Scientific activities will occur simultaneously in multiple rooms of the Congress and participants will be able to choose in which one they would like to engage. The activities will include curses and/or theoric-clinic stimulus, both being developed by the participants and involving the theme WILD THOUGHTS. These activities will be spontaneously offered by the colleagues of the International Scientific Commission (CCI), a group formed by renowned psychanalysts of various nationalities, known experts of Bion’s thinking. The WORKSHOPS will take one hour and a half, or divided in two days, adding up to three hours of experience.

• 09h45 - 10h15: THEMATIC PLENARY
Presentation of fragments from the text TAMING WILD THOUGHTS to all participants in the Auditorium. Made in a creative and free manner, this presentation will be an emotional experience which will be used as stimulus for more intimate and profound debates held later in small groups.

Free debate about the stimulus presented in the Plenary.

• 12h15 - 15h00: SCIENTIFIC WORKSHOP (double time)
This activity will have two angles: one more theoretic, offering a series of scientific works about the theme WILD THOUGHTS (offered by the CCI colleagues) and one more clinic, with the presentation of some of Bion’s unprecedented Clinic Seminaries, commented and coordinated by the colleagues of the CCI. These activities will occur in many rooms of the Centre of Events and they will be of the participants’ free choice.

• 15h15 – 15h45: CLINICAL PLENARY
Presentation of one of Bion’s distinguished Clinical Seminaries to all participants in the Auditorium. Made in a creative and free manner, this presentation will be an emotional experience which will be used as stimulus for more intimate and profound debates held later in small groups.

Free debate about the stimulus presented in the Plenary.

• 17h45 - 19h30: MEET THE ANALYST
Again in Plenary, to all participants, we will invite four renowned psychanalysts that will comment freely about themes that might have been exposed during the activities of the day, debating them between themselves and the public, in a spontaneously way.

Books’ launch of present authors, with an autograph table. This will happen outdoors, by the hotel’s pool and with a select musical group playing in the background. This will be an informal space to have conversations with other colleagues, deepening and expanding the experiences lived during the work journey.

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